Orally ingested cannabis is processed through the liver where the THC is metabolized, making the therapeutic and psychoactive effects of the THC more powerful and longer lasting than smoking.JKBG reccomends a dose between 5mg-25mg THC depending on your body size and how often you use cannabis.Specifically for our products: 1/4 Cup granola contains approx. 10mg-15mg THC, 1/4 Cup seed mix contains approx. 15mg THC and our Cannabutter contains approx. 25mg THC per teaspoonTry eating with a healthy fat such as yogurt, milk or a non-dairy substitute. Fat facilitates the THC digestions and intensifies the psychoactive effects. Avoid eating cannabis on an empty stomach.The psychoactive effects are usually felt at two different times during the experience, referred to as "peaks". The first peak occurs when the THC has enterred the bloodstream thru the stomach, the second usually more intense peak occurs when the THC is near the liver. Please Plan your day accordingly.Avoid over ingesting by eating a small amount, wait 60 minutes , eat more if desired effects are not achieved. If you over ingest, rest quietly, drink water or tea to help move the THC along, avoid fatty foods, talk with trusted friend. The psychoactive effects should subside within a few hours.There is no known toxic amount of THC for a humanPlease use Marijuana responsibly and always keep it out of the hands of children and pets. Thank you!

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