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Strain Specific Cannabutters

& Canna Coconut Oils

Our world-class cannabutter is hand made in our kitchen. We begin with clarified butter also known as ghee for our infusion process. The butter flavor remains but all milk solids are removed to ensure a longer shelf life. We select top-shelf cannabis for it's aroma, taste and potency then infuse the cannabis buds into our creamy, clarified butter. The result is a grit-free, smooth cannabutter with all the therapeutic qualities contained in each individual cannabis strain including the unique euphoric effects. All Cannabutter is lab tested to insure THC accuracy.

Strain Specific Cannabutter: Approx. 200mg THC per

1.5 oz jar


Grown Up Granola:

We start with gluten-free rolled oats, tossed with a variety of naturally sweet, dried fruits, savory seeds and nuts. The entire mix is infused with our clarified strain specific cannabutter and finished with maple syrup and kosher salt. Naturally sweet with no refined sugars. A healthy way to start your day.

Granola: 3/4 Cup (4oz)

50 mg THC & 100mg THC

Now Available in Smart Size 25mg THC

Sensible Seed Mix:

We start with raw seeds, grown without pesticides. Then we slow roast the raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds with our strain specific cannabutter and sea salt. This is a sugar free, natural, portable and discreet edible.

Roasted Seed Mix: 1/2 Cup (2.5 oz)

50mg THC & 100mg THC

Now Available in Smart Size 25mg THC


New Nutty Bite

We are pleased to introduce a cluster of almonds and sunflower seeds tossed together in a maple syrup blend with a hint of cinnamon.A great treat any time of day. Each bite contains:

25mg Activated THC. 2 Bites per package

New Groovy Granola Bar

Strain Specific Infused Coconut Oil is what gives this classic, healthy treat a new twist. Potent and delicious!

75mg Activated THC

All Products Proudly Tested with Cannlabs



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